Pictures from the JMC Meeting held in Gibraltar May 2022, which was held in person and virtually, can be seen Here

Pictures from the JMC Meeting held in Gibraltar May 2021, which was held in person and virtually, can be seen Here

The EUPS 2020 Christmas message can be found Here

Pictures from the Virtual JMC Meeting held in Gibraltar November 2020, can be seen Here

First Joint Monitoring Committee Meeting of the Gibraltar Structural Funds Programmes since “Flextension”.


CEO interview with Inna Braverman, Eco Wave Power

Nasdaq First North welcomes Eco Wave Power



A PDF about The territorial cooperation’s actors from South-West Europe meets in Toulouse to talk about future can be downloaded below...

Nota de Prensa ENG.pdf    

Pictures from the JMC Meeting held in Gibraltar May 2019, can be seen Here

EUSEW19 Portugal Interreg Sudoe ClimACT

Interreg Project Slam 2018: CLIMACT

EU Programmes Secretariat director Mr Charles Collinson, interviewed about EU Programmes for RTP TV (Portugal), can be seen: Here

A Your Gibraltar TV article entitled, ClimACT Project Wins Second Prize At International Competition, can be read: Here

This machine uses the oceans waves to power your home


The story of Interreg MED

The finalists of the RegioStars Awards have been announced and we are happy that CLIMACT (Interreg Sudoe 2014-2020) is among the finalists in category 2 “achieving sustainability through low carbon emissions”.

CLIMACT is a project which promotes low carbon economy transition at schools. Through smart energy efficiency, renewable energies and behaviours changes improve the energy efficiency of buildings, reducing environmental costs and risks for health and safety. Moreover, aware of the importance of raising awareness among young people for the future, they also develop trainings and awareness activities addressed to scholars on the importance of low carbon economy (+ info).

And now, more than ever, CLIMACT needs you!

You have until 7/10/2018 to participate to the public choice award and vote for them by clicking in the following link:

So, if you are concerned by climate change and the future of next generations, VOTE FOR CLIMACT!

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The Interreg SUDOE Programme held a number of events in Brussels at the beginning of June. A mid-term conference to coincide with the 15th Anniversary of the Programme was held at the European Committee of the Regions. At the conference Mrs Jackie Linares, Education Advisor of the Department of Education, together with the Portuguese partners, gave an exposé of the ClimAct project, in which local schools participate.

esf   esf

The Director of European Programmes for Gibraltar, Mr Charles Collinson, who is the current President of the SUDOE Programme, also chaired a number of meetings of the Programme including a Steering Group and a Monitoring Committee.

esf   esf

It was also revealed that the ClimAct project has been selected as a finalist for the EU Commissions REGIOSTARS Award. Winners will be announced at a ceremony which will take place during the European Week of Regions & Cities in October, in Brussels.

REGIOSTARS Awards identify good practises in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects that are attractive and inspiring to other regions.

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ClimACT Gibraltar Highlights 2017/2018

Gibraltar Chronicle (19/06/18 - Page 20) - UK MA meets forum in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Chronicle (19/06/18 - Page 4) - Gibraltar at Interreg conference in Brussels.

Gibraltar Panorama (19/06/18 - Page 28) - Gibraltar in Brussels events.

A brief report on the UK MA Forum, held on 15/06/18, can be seen Here

The Energy Globe Awards, presented ECOWAVE Gibraltar, the National ENERGY GLOBE Award 2018. The full article can be read Here

The European Commission, webpage entitled ECOWAVE: Clean, reliable wave energy for Gibraltar, UK, can be read: Here

JMC Meeting held in Gibraltar May 2018 Here

The Interreg Sudoe webpages article on Inka & Faith from Gibraltar share with us why it is important to cooperate against climate change, can be read: Here

A PDF about 10 Things to Know About Transnational Cooperation can be downloaded below...

10 things to know 12FEB18.pdf    

The St Bernard's First School pupils artwork in European Calendar via Panorama (26/02/18) can be seen here

Gibraltar Chronicle (24/02/18 - Page 3) - St Bernard's pupils star in EU calendar.

St Bernard's School ClimACT wall.

YourGibraltarTV article on "Two Students From St Bernard's School Chosen For European Programme Calendar"

Gibraltar Chronicle (23/02/18 - Page 4) - Bayside environment week.

Gibraltar Chronicle (22/02/18 - Page 3) - Bayside students in #ClimACT project.

An introduction and explanation into Interreg Sudoe Programme can be found HERE

A Christmas message from all at the EU Programmes Secretariat.

JMC Meeting held in Gibraltar (23/11/17), pictures can be found Here

Gibraltar Panorama (24/11/17) - Ocean Views Cafeteria launched

Gibraltar Chronicle (24/11/17) - Ocean Views Cafeteria launched

GBC Newswatch (23/11/17) - report on the opening of the Ocean Views caefteria.

Gibraltar Magazine (September Issue) - Sudoe UOG and Delegates attend ClimACT meeting

Pictures of Mr Charles Collinson (Director European Programmes) giving a presentation on EU Funding to the Rotary Club of Gibraltar (15/08/17), can be found.Here

Gibraltar Chronicle (10/08/17) - Sudoe ClimACT meeting attended by the Gibraltar University

Gibraltar Chronicle (03/08/17) - opening of Just4Kidz play park

GBC Newswatch (03/08/17) - report on the opening of Just4Kidz play park within the Rock Bastion.

GBC Newswatch (12/04/17) - Interview with Director of EU Programs Charles Collinson, "EU FUNDING STILL AVAILABLE FOR THOSE ELIGIBLE"

Gibraltar Insight Magazine (July 17 - Page 10) - "EU Funding For Gibraltar Businesses Still Available Till March 2019"

JMC Meeting held in Gibraltar (18/05/17), pictures can be found Here

Gibraltar Chronicle (10/05/17) - Brexit bad for British territories biodiversity

Eco Wave Power storm in Gibraltar

Article on What has "EU Funding in Gibraltar been spent on?"

Gibraltar Chronicle (26/04/17) - Brexit workshop puts focus on citizens' rights

GBC Newswatch (26/04/17) report on the EU workshop after Brexit

GBC Newswatch (24/03/17) report on the EU Representatives visit to Gibraltar

Gibraltar Chronicle (27/03/17) - EU Chiefs should visit to understand Gibraltar

Gibraltar Panorama (27/03/17) Top EU visitor 'hopes' for good Gibraltar EU deal.

Gibraltar Chronicle (23/03/17) - EU Commission on a mission to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Panorama (23/03/17) Article on the EU Commission visiting Gibraltar to view ESF and ERDF Projects.

GBC Newswatch (22/03/17) presentation on EU Representatives visiting Gibraltar to view the European Structural Fund projects…

GBC Newswatch (23/02/17) presentation on the MetalRok Recycling Shredder opening ceremony

MetalRok Ltd shredder being used during the opening ceremony.

Article on Eco Wave Power turns wave power into electricity featured in Wired Magazine (January 2017)

GBC Newswatch (29/11/16) presentation on EU Funding still being available.

Please read the GBC article (published 29/11/16) on Gibraltar still able to apply for EU funding until UK formally leaves the EU

Please read the Gibraltar Chronicle article (published 30/11/16) on Gib at UK EU Structural Funds meetings

Please read the Your Gibraltar TV article (published 29/11/16) on Gibraltar Representation At EU Structural Funds Meetings

Please read the Vox (Gibraltar) article (published 29/11/16) on EU Structural Funds Meetings

The updated EcoWave Power Website with the report on the Gibraltar Project

EcoWave Power won an international competition as one of the best energy projects, which can be read here

EcoWave Power was recognised along with 15 additional companies for its Sustainable Entrepreneurship by the SEA AWARD in Vienna. The Sea (Sustainable Entrepreneurship) Awards are endorsed by former US President Mr. Barack Obama, which can be read here

EcoWave Power prepared a short video clip that was prepared by the Sea Award staff and presented during the impressive Gala, which can be seen on YouTube

Please read the Gibraltar Chronicle report on EU funds ‘there for the taking’ before Brexit

The latest on Brexit with regards to the EU Programmes Secretariat (Gibraltar) can be seen in the below Adobe file


PMC Meeting held in Gibraltar, pictures can be found Here

Schengen Area: History, Facts and Benefits

Please see the Schengen website

Abstract from the GFSB "Intouch Magazine" Summer 2016 edition: "Small Business Finance" Edition (pages 18-19)

GFSB InTouch Magazine Issue 28.pdf    

The full magazine can be downloaded HERE

Please read the University of Gibraltar's press release on receiving an Interreg Sudoe Grant

Charles Collinson, Gibraltar's Director of European Programmes, congratulates Eco Wave Power

More information is available on the EcoWavePower Project page

Pictures from the EcoWavePower Opening Ceremy are shown here

Please see the EcoWavePower website

Statement by the Hon the Chief Minister on EU Referendum outcome

Statement by the Hon the Leader of the Opposition on EU Referendum outcome

David Cameron sends a message to people of Gibraltar

Stonger In - Benefits of EU Funding

Abstract from the GFSB "Intouch Magazine" Spring 2016 edition: "It's all about the money" (pages 22-23)


The full magazine can be downloaded HERE

Please read information regarding the EU Referendum

GBC - Viewpoint Presentation regarding EcoWave Gibraltar - 02/06/2016

Ecowave expansion plans

Eco Wave Power - Europe's first grid connected wave energy array

The Hon Fabian Picardo MP – Chief Minister of Gibraltar - Cutting the ribbon for EcoWave (Gibraltar)

The Hon Fabian Picardo MP – Chief Minister of Gibraltar - Activating the EcoWave (Gibraltar) equipment

The Hon Fabian Picardo MP – Chief Minister of Gibraltar - Speech at EcoWave (Gibraltar)

EcoWave Gibraltar - Floaters in operations

GBC Presentation of the Official EcoWave Gibraltar Opening Ceremony - 27/05/2016

Please click on the logo to see various pictures from the EcoWave Power launch


Please read the Gibraltar Chronicle report on Gibraltar becomes a "wave power pioneer"

Please read the Gibraltar Panorama report on Power from the sea

Please read the Gibraltar Chronicle report on EU funding for Gibraltar nears E60m mark

Please download and read the HM Government of Gibraltar booklet on: "Why you should vote to remain in the EU"


GBC Presentation of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses - Access to Finance - 27/04/2016